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Don't Just Eat Fried Yam, Try This Baked Yam and Cheese Recipe 🧀🥪🍲



COOK TIME: 40 minutes

SERVES : 3 serves

Recipe Summary 

Well Baked Yam and Cheese is a entirety new mode to have the yam. It is a perfect balanced for the reason that it consist of flSh and vegetable. Baked Yam is ordinarily eaten during minor domicile launch parties or family gettogether. 


1. Two tilapia probe fish 🎏

2. Partly corm of fiber Spinach 

3. Fresh Cheese 


Preparation orders

1. engrave the pasty flSh into little cubes.

2. unpeel and diminish the yams into trivial cubes. 

3. thaw and engrave up the frozen spinach after that wringe out every part of the hose down from it. 

4. peeve the cheese and deposit aside. 

Cooking Dlrectlon 

Lets Start With the Stew

1. Boil the tomato balance till every single one water droplets has dried. 

2. Put the vegetable grease (oil) and onions and salt? till the entire the flavorful test of the tomatoes is gone. This is the complete equal approach to the Tomato Stew. 

3. add together the pepper, hoard cube (crushed), stir and improve the colorless fish. 

4. protection and grill till the probe is done. I consumption Cat angle and this takes at least a whole 5 minutes. 

5. add up the spinach. stir and stand the bubble off the heater immediately. 

Now Boil the Yam

1. Put the yam pieces in a pot and pour clean water to equal the level of the yam. 

2. Boil till the Yam is prepared to your liking. I refer mine to be well cooked and low and it takes about 7 minutes.

3. previously you are sure that the yam is OK (well cooked), 

4. Remove the yams from the water fill and stage set aside. 

Laying and baking 

1. congeal your oven range to 200°C (or 390°F) to preheat. 

2. Put the readily prepared stew into a baking tray and spread it out to include the center of the tray as much as possible. 

3. Insert the yam pieces on the stew, one time another time speeding them out to hide (cover) the stew. 

4. Finally, gradually pour the grated cheese on everything on the tray. 

5. Now bake untill all the cheese has melted. 

6. carry out from the oven and set to cool down for about 5 minutes. Giving the cheese a number of time to set. 

Your "Well Baked Yam and Sweet Cheese" is eager to be served, cut like you would slash a cake. Enjoy!! 

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