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5 Health Benefits Of This Amazing Fruit Called Tiger Nuts

This lovely fruit is very rich in enriching our body nutrients by making it work like magic. They can be used medically for orals or enemas, it's popularly known and called by the Hausa's "A.y.a" while the Igbo people calls it "A.k.i Hausa" the English name for the fruit is, (tiger nuts). See the 5 amazing benefits the fruit have;

1. It helps in digestion

Tiger nuts is use to treat stomach upsets and other digestion problem such as; diarrhea and enzymes such as; lipase and catalase which are contained in the tiger nuts also help to fight or aid digestion..

2. It fight malnutrition 

In some underdeveloped countries, where people find it difficult to eat highly nutritional food, this fruit tiger nuts help to serve a better and a healthy nutrition, because they're so rich in nutrients like; fat, calcium, carbohydrate, sodium, fibre, iron, copper, magnesium and phosphorus. Studies even show it that, tiger nuts contains so many beneficial vitamins, which supplies nutrient to someone who needs it...

3. It helps to fight bacteria infection

This amazing fruit also helps in fighting bacterias in the human body E.g streptococcus, E.coli and salmonella, according to recent studies which proved that to be true.

4. It regulates blood pressure

Why it helps to regulate blood pressure is because of it rich content of potassium which is very useful in lowering blood pressure, and apart from potassium, the fruit also contains magnesium that can help in regulating the heart beat and maintain blood pressure levels.

5. It helps to prevent colon cancer

This is the cancer of the large intestine, which is the final part of the digestive track. Some case of colon cancer begins small non canserious benign clumps of cells called ademomatous_polyps. Nevertheless, this amazing fruit call tiger nuts, helps to cleanse the cancer colon, because of it's richness in fiber, and according to America society, fruits like tiger nuts are very rich in fiber and antioxidant property. Excellent in prevention of cancer.

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