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3 Reasons Why Coconut Oil Is More Expensive Than Other Cooking Oils

Coconut oil is one of the most used oils at home because of different reasons. It is estimated that coconut oil costs 4 times the amount of ordinary cooking oil. Although coconut prices cost more than most oils, people still prefer them because of their benefits. Here are 3 reasons why coconut oil is expensive:

1. Difficult Extraction process 

One of the reasons for its hike in price is the extraction process. Coconut oil has a difficult extraction process, which makes the process cumbersome. Thus making the price more expensive than the ordinary oil.

2. Health Benefits

Another reason why oil is expensive is its health benefits. Coconut oil reduces blood sugar levels and also helps in weight loss. With its versatility, the hike in price is inevitable.

3. Inadequate supply of Coconut

Last but not least is the low supply of coconut. This is a result of the inadequate harvest of coconut fruit from coconut trees. It is estimated that the Philippines have harvested about 90% of the coconut tree. Therefore, his can cause a shortage in the chain of supply.

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