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Just 4 Days To Christmas, Check Out These Nigerian Delicacies You Can Choose To Cook This Christmas

Nigeria, due to its diverse and vast culture have different types of food. Don't forget that culture is the way of life of people. That definition simply means that each set of people should have different lifestyle distinguishing them, and hence they will have different food. That is why the things people living in Europe eat differs from what people in Africa eat.

Christmas is in 4 days time so if anyone has not wished you yet, let me be the first to wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year in advance. Speaking on Christmas and food, in this article I have compiled some Nigerian delicacies you can cook on Christmas day. Feel free to pick any one or more of them:

1. Jollof Rice

The best way I feel to start to list is with the Nigerian jollof rice. If you are active on social media, you would have heard and seen a lot about Nigerian jollof rice. It is comprised of rice, onions, tomato paste, tomatoes and other spices. When cooked well, Nigerian jollof rice is a food you would definitely ask for more.

2. Amala

Amala is a Nigerian food popularly common with the Yoruba people of Nigeria. It is a food made by peeling yam, cassava or plantain, drying it and finally blending it into flour, this flour is then cooked. Amala can be eating with a variety of things like tomato stew, melon soup and so much more soup.

3. Eba

Eba, also popular to the Yoruba people of Nigeria is a food that is made from grated cassava flour popularly known as "Garri". Eba can be eaten with almost every soup amala can be eaten with.

4. Nkwobi

Nkwobi as it is called is a food that is very common to the Igbo people of Nigeria. This food is made up of cow feet cooked with palm oil paste.

5. Bean Balls (Akara)

Popularly known as "Akara", Bean balls is a delicacy enjoyed in Nigeria. It is made by blending beans, and then fried. Onion and fresh peppers can be mixed with the beans before blending it. This delicacy is usually eaten with pap or custard, but it can also be eaten alone.

6. Tuwo Shinkafa

Tuwo Shinkafa is a Nigerian food popularly eaten in the northern part of the country. It is a pudding that is prepared with rice. Corn and millet can also be used in the place of rice. Tuwo Shinkafa can also be eaten with various types of soups and stew.

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Content created and supplied by: JenniferKeen (via Opera News )

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