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5 reasons you should not eat too much bread

reasons you should not eat too much bread


1. Has little nutrients 

2. Has tiny to zero fibre 

3. Has too much salt

4. Makes you add weight 

5. Makes you feel hungrier 

There's nothing wrong with eating some slices of bread. 

The problem starts when you eat bread in your diet on a daily basis.

At that point, there's a lot wrong because bread isn't exactly one of the healthy foods you should consume always!

First, bread does not have much nutrients. Check the nutritional composition of most breads, there's little to nothing important that we are getting from eating bread.

Secondly, white bread in particular lacks fiber due to the absence of the whole grain in it. For this reason, bread baked out of whole grains should be what we opt for if we must eat bread.

Most importantly, most breads we buy from the supermarket contain a lot of salt.

Reducing the amount of bread you eat reduces the level of sodium in your body significantly.

This is why it's sometimes better to opt for baking your bread at home without adding too much salt.

In addition, you can gain weight from eating too much bread. 

Most breads contain refined carbohydrates, salt, refined sugar & PRESERVATIVES that can make you add kilograms of weight in a short time.

{We'll talk about preservatives next time!

Finally, bread can make you feel hungry. The reason is simple; since most breads we eat lack nutrients one is bound to feel hungry now & then. Bread is not a wholesome filling meal.

Let me conclude on this note:

- Don't eat bread on a daily basis.

- Reduce the amount of bread you eat generally. 

- Don't eat breads with too much preservatives like bromate

- If you must eat bread, make sure at least it is whole grain & do so in moderation.


Content created and supplied by: Ojochenemi (via Opera News )


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