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How to make Vegetable oil from Groundnuts

Vegetable oil is indeed a very popular cooking oil. Well, there is good news as it can be extracted from groundnuts.

If you have a very tight budget, or you are not sure about the condition of other vegetable oils, then just keep on reading to see how you can make yours.

1. Buy your Groundnuts

Three full cups of groundnuts will make about one cup of oil. I will advise you start with this first, if this is your first time to try.

2. Make sure you clean the groundnuts properly from their shells.

Remember that part of the reasons you are learning to make this is to ensure a healthy making condition for you home vegetable oil. You will break the shells of the groundnuts, then remove the husk. To make the process easier, you can fry your groundnuts for around five minutes, or wash them in the cold water first, then warm water.

Although, if you feel that this process will be long and strenous, then you can definitely buy already shelled groundnuts.

3. Soaking the groundnuts

The groundnuts should be put in a clean bowl, then put in warm water and left for about ten to fifteen minutes. This is an important step as it will soften the groundnut, making it more easier to work with.

4. Blend, Blend, Blend

Your groundnuts have to be blended after the water has been drained. You can either use a blender or take them to the mill. Don't worry, this step is very quick and less strenous than the others. Blend till the mix of groundnuts becomes a paste as smooth as butter.

We are almost done....

5. Put your paste in the refrigerator

Once your groundnut mix has become a paste, you have to put it into the container that is air-tight and then cover it. Proceed to putting the container in the refrigerator and keep it there for at least twenty-four hours. It is recommended that you not touch or open the container during this time. Leave it alone. Eventually, after twenty-four hours, the oil will rise to the top.

6. Separate, Separate, Strain

Begin to separate your oil from the paste by straining the oil in a separate bowl. You can do this with a sieve(mesh cloth) or a strainer . You will need to keep straining the oil from the paste, until the paste is completely dry.

And voila..We are done.

The groundnut oil is known for it's nutty peanut flavor and aroma that adds a unique flavor and taste to the dishes. Mostly used for frying, sautéing and for stir fry.

How to store peanut oil?

Generally oils that are exposed to heat, light or air tend to oxidize quickly and turn rancid. So to maintain good flavor and nutrition, it is best to store oils in an airtight container(bottles) in a cool, dark place. Also recommended to take a small quantity for daily use and keep the rest in the original container. For oils that are not going to be used for longer than 2-3 months, storing in the refrigerator is recommended.

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