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Why you should eat unripe plantain more often

Plantain is a staple food in Nigeria, it is commonly eaten in many tribes of the country. Plantain, which is known as 'ogede agbagba in Yoruba region. Hausa people called it 'ayaba' while it is known as 'abereka' in Igboland can be made into different foods.

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In its unripe state, it can be used for making plantain flour or roasted into 'boli' which is a popular Nigerian snack. Also, unripe plantain can be used in making plantain chips or cooked like yam which can be eaten with any sauce of choice. Meanwhile, ripe plantains can be fried as 'dodo' or make plantain and egg frittata. The list of what can be gotten from plantain is endless, but the focus of this article is to remind people on the benefits one can get from eating unripe plantain. We will show you 6 good reasons why you must always eat unripe plantain.

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1. Unripe plantain contains many vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, which promotes clear vision, B6 and vitamin C.

2. It promotes heart health by reducing the risk of heart attack. It also reduces the heart cholesterol.

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3. Unripe plantain is a superb meal for diabetes patients. It has a very low sugar content compared to ripe plantain. It is also a great food to prevent the disease.

4. It enables stronger bones. Unripe plantain helps to build and strengthen stronger bones by preventing the bone disease known as 'osteoporosis'.

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5. Unripe plantain can be used in the prevention of the ulcer ailment. It contains some phytochemical properties that prevent it.

6. It improves sexual performance in men by enabling increase libido, gives more strength and also cure premature ejaculation.

In conclusion, it is a good idea to eat unripe plantain more often to promote better health. We hope you gained some new knowledge and insight, it will also be a nice idea to share to people who may need this piece. Thanks for reading!

Reference: Nimed health

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