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4 Effects Of Eating Garden Eggs more often

According to MayoClinic, Most vegetables, like garden eggs, are low in calories and don't contain anything that makes fat. In this way, a few of them help keep your heart healthy. Healthline says that vegetables are important to our diets because they give us important nutrients like potassium, fiber, folate, and vitamin C.When you eat a lot of potassium, for example, it can help keep your blood pressure in check.Researchers have found that eating certain vegetables can make you less likely to get cancer, diabetes, and eye infections. Just keep putting them in your daily meals. But if you have a certain health problem, you shouldn't eat certain vegetables.Nightshade vegetables include garden eggs, aubergines, eggplants, and many more. Even though tomatoes and peppers come from nightshade plants, some of them are poisonous.

1.If you have arthritis, you should stay away from nightshade vegetables because they can make your joint pain worse.

2. you should avoid nightshade vegetables if you have lumbago and don't want the pain in your back or the space between your hips and ribs to get worse.

3. If you have rheumatism or another condition that affects your joints, you should stay away from foods that come from nightshades. This is because they cause the body to make more prostaglandin E2, which makes systemic inflammation worse.

4. If you have any kind of inflammation, you should stay away from these nightshade vegetables. People with arthritis should stay away from garden eggs and eggplants because they raise levels of the prostaglandin E2 that makes joints hurt.There are about eight different kinds of prostaglandins. Pro-inflammatory prostaglandins and anti-inflammatory prostaglandins are two of them. The inflammatory prostaglandin E2 is made by plants in the nightshade family.

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