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Don't use up your condensed milk try this now

Condensed milk popularly known for it creamy texture, flavour and sweetness is irresistible

If you have condensed milk at home,you can actually try this candy am about to tell you at home without extra cost. To make the candy you need

1. Cooking oil 1tbsp

2. Condensed milk ½tin

This candy is yummy the flavour is soo inviting. So let get started.

1. Prepare you frying pan(non-sticky pan is good for this)you can also use the regular pan but you will need extra oil.

2. Add half of 1tbsp of oil to the pan let the oil warm up(don't let the oil get hot because we are not frying) add all the condensed milk to the warm oil and start stirring constantly while it cooking.

3. After stirring for sometime it will start to thicken up the colour starts to change continue to stir and add little oil till you have a thick paste and caramel colour. By now the whole house and neighborhood should have know that something is going on in your kitchen

The oil you are adding to it will help prevent the stickiness of the milk and give it a shinning look.

4. Pour the paste on a non-sticky surface and let it cool down cut into bit and roll it out with your hand on the surface you can add little oil on your palm if it is sticky put all in a tray and let it chill for 30-1 hour by now it will be hard and holdable.

We are finally at our destination Time to throw a candy party! go ahead give it to your loved ones,kids hmmmm the taste is caramely.

It so easy try this at home and please don't forget to like,share and if you have any questions you can write it down in the comment section below. Thanks.

Content created and supplied by: Bisbetty (via Opera News )


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