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How to make your 100% natural tigernut drink

There are drinks that are unique and one of them is the tigernut drink.

Tigernut drink is a natural drink that has so many benefits.

Tigernut drink is a drink that either the young ones or the aged can take.

Tigernut drink boosts metabolism.

Tigernut drink helps in weight loss.

Ingredients to make 100% tigernut drink.


* Dates

* Coconut

* Ginger

Steps on how to make the tigernut drink

The tigernuts; wash well and keep it aside.

The dates; carefully remove the seeds and wash them.

The coconut; break it, wash it, shred with a grater and also keep it aside

The gingers; peel the ginger, cut into pieces and wash it well.

Pour all into the blender, add your warm water and blend.

Pour the mixture into a sieve(one with thick layers to avoid particles from entering the drink) and sieve into a clean jug.

Now pour into your desired containers and preserve in the fridge to chill.

It is best served chilled.

This drink is the best because it is sugary for the aged ones most especially and the sugar in it is from the ingredients because no artificial sugar was added.

I hope this article was helpful...

Try yours at home and enjoy

Thank you.

Stay safe.

Content created and supplied by: Sinachy (via Opera News )

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