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Add This One Secret Ingredient To Your Jollof Spaghetti For An Appetizing Taste And Aroma

Just like jellof rice, jellof spaghetti is widely loved. Most of us enjoy spaghetti when boiled and served with sauce or stew, but after trying out this recipe,you would make jellof spaghetti your everyday meal. I bet that!

The love I have for jellof spaghetti made me to try out different recipes and methods to make it taste better and a whole lot different.

I would be sharing with you my secret ingredient and recipe. For this, we would be needing this ingredients;

1 Spaghetti

Fresh Tomatoes


Tatashe(It can be seen in a regular Nigerian market)

Groundnut Oil

1 Ginger( Optional)

2 Big Onions


Dry Fish( I use panla or dried catfish)

Meat stock


Ponmo (#200 worth is more than enough)



5/6 Seasoning Cubes

Bay Leaves (My secret ingredient)

Salt To Taste


Season and boil your meat

Boil for ponmo for about 7 minutes.

Blend your tomatoes,1 onion, 1 ginger, pepper and Tatashe roughly.

Chop your onions

Wash and pick your fish( remove the bones)

Pick and wash your crayfish and set aside

Dice your meat and ponmo

Now if this is ready, let's get started:

Put water in a pot and leave to boil

Put in the spaghetti when boiled

Leave it for 5 minutes to parboil

Bring down, wash and set aside

Heat a pot and pour in your groundnut Oil

When it's hot, pour in your pepper mixture and leave to fry

Pour in your meat stock, crayfish,curry, thyme, crushed seasoning cubes,bay leaves, salt and water just enough to cook the spaghetti.

Leave to boil

When it boils, pour in your pasta, onions, dryfish, diced meat and ponmo and leave to cook.

Keep checking for water level and stir.

When it's ready, bring down and enjoy it Hot. This is the best of jellof recipes, well detailed and delicious.

My secret ingredient was the bay leaves used, it gives the spaghetti a whole different but delicious taste.

Serve with any chilled minerals of your choice and also don't forget to like, share and follow me up for more recipes that would raise your neighbours nostrils.

Content created and supplied by: Timblog (via Opera News )

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