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Recipe to make combined Melon (egusi) and Okra soup easily

Melon soup and Okra soup are different from each other entirely, Melon is a stable soup while okra is a kind of soup that draws, but to spice things up, you can cook them as a mixture and the result is guaranteed to give you an amazing feeling.

The ingredients required to make this mixture are:

Blended Okra

Palm oil



Boiled assorted meat

Seasoning cubes

Locust bean


Ugu leaf

Dried stock fish

Smoked fish

Cray fish


Directions to prepare

Get a bowl of luke warm water and soak the raw melon/egusi (it should have been grinded prior)

Add palm oil to a cooking pot and put on medium heat

Add onions and the melon, then fry

Add some pepper, locust bean, seasoning cube and water

When almost done, add the already blended okra and stir

Add the crayfish, periwinkle, meat and all the fish, and allow to cook for 10-15 minutes

Add some of the ugu, and allow it to cook together for another 5 minutes

Your soup is ready to be eaten with any swallow.

Content created and supplied by: Okchops (via Opera News )

Melon Okra Pepper Periwinkle


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