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Say hello to the simplest tastiest clean salad ever. Disano extra virgin Olive Oil transformed this salad into a delightful bowl. No cooking required! .For the Salad You will need: 🌿1/2 a bunch of spinach 🌿 1 small tomato 🌿 1 small capsicum 🌿 Broccoli 🌿1/4 tbsp fresh lemon juice 🌿Pinch of sea salt, to taste 🌿Disano Extra Virgin Olive Oil .

Wash everything , remove stems from spinach. Roughly chop everything. Combine remaining ingredients in a medium to large sized bowl and mix well. Throw the veggies into a bowl, toss to coat with dressing. Toss toss toss, this is important, as it transforms the spinach texture into a lovely light salad. .

Optional: add your favorite protein, cheese or fruits, mix well. Enjoy!🌿 Olive Obsession.

I prefer using olive oil over any other oil because:

Olive oil does not raise heart disease risk and helps prevent Heart stroke. • It helps in reducing the levels of obesity and reduces risk of osteoporosis. • Ideal for preparation of Bread Toast Pizza & Pasta Preparation Mediterranean Dishes Steamed Vegetables. • Grilling, roasting and baking.

So in the qurantine keep yourself healthy and fit..say you tummy to be in you.. It should not be out of your body 😂stay blessed and safe in your home.

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Broccoli Disano Olive Oil Salad


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