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To Soften Your Meat Without Cooking Them For A Long Time, Read What To Do

Most foods won't easily give up their protein bonds so as to allow heat to penetrate and get them softened. Such phenomenon is mostly seen in beans as well as some meats such as goat meat, cow skin etc.

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Inorder to make easier the cooking process and reduce the time such foods would spend on fire, most people have devised several means of having these protein bonds broken in a smaller period of time some of which are unhealthy. This article shall enlighten you on a healthy way through which meats can be made softer without having to spend loads of time boiling them. 

This process involves the application of baking soda. Baking soda is a salt used in bakeries to make doughs rise but it's application is quite diverse and transcends just the bakery. 

It's alkaline content has made it a good option for use in breaking the strong and stubborn protein bonds found in animal skins as well as some other tough meats.

How to use

Get your meats and wash them.

Pour fresh water in a basin, add some quantities of baking soda and have them dilute therein so as to form a solution.

Pour the washed meats in this solution and have them stay there for a while before bringing them out.

Rinse the meats with fresh water before you can embark on your cooking. The action of the baking soda would make it easier for heat to penetrate.

One side effect of using tenderizers on meats is that, some meats are potential carriers of tapeworms and would require being exposed to a substantial amount of heat so as to have them eliminated.

When you try to maneuver the cooking time and make it shorter, some of these organisms might end up surviving and when you consume them they find their way to your stomach. Typical example of such meats include pork, beef muscles. 

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