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If You're Cooking But Mistakenly Add Too Much Salt, Use These 5 Things To Reduce The Salt Content

Cooking is seen by people who love cooking as one of the easiest and fun things to do on earth, while many others who are particularly not keen on cooking or visiting the kitchen see cooking as a highly demanding activity that requires too much attention to detail, as well as a certain level of skills and finesse. Whichever part of the divide you belong to, you can be sure that little mistakes and accidents happen do happen every now.

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One of such popular little mistakes is putting a bit too much salt inside food. While salt is meant to sweeten the taste of food, adding it to your food in excess can have the opposite effect, no matter how inviting the aroma of the food is. Unfortunately, sometimes when cooking, salt mishaps do occur and you may be left wondering whether to throw the food away or just manage it that way, not minding the negative side effects of consuming too much salt.

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Well, with this article, you won't have to bother again whenever you add excess salt to your food as we would be looking at 5 foods you can use to absorb excess salt from your food whenever you have a salt mishap while cooking. The foods are described below:

1. Potatoes

Using a few raw potato slices can help to absorb the excess salt content from your food. This can be done by chopping up a potato and adding it inside the food and then leaving the potato in the food for about 15-20 minutes. This would help absorb the salt and the liquid used to cook the potato.

2. Sugar

When you've only mistakenly added a pinch of extra salt to your food, you can add a pinch of sugar to counter the effect of the salt as the sugar would help to balance out the effects of the salt.

3. Lemon juice

You can also bank on the acidity of lemon juice to correct your mistake by adding a small amount of it into the food. It will surely add some flavour to the food but you can be sure that it will also help to remove the salt.

4. Water

Using water is by far the easiest and natural way to remove excess salt from your food as it will help to dilute the salt and lower its concentration in your food.

5. Dough

Small dough balls act in the same way as potatoes, as it also absorbs the excess salt in your food, but would not soak up the liquid the way potatoes would do.

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