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Have You Heard Of Garri Jollof? See An Easy Way Of Making This Delicacy With Few Ingredients(Photos)

Garri is a natural food that is widely eaten in Nigeria and other Countries. This delicacy is very healthy and nutritious and it can be enjoyed with several soups such as Egusi Soup, Ewedu, Stew and many more. We have several ways of Preparing garri but most people have not heard of Garri Jollof, in this article, I will be showing you an easy way of Preparing this delicacy with few ingredients.

List Of Ingredients


Fresh Tomatoes and Pepper

Green Pepper

Spring Onions

Curry and Thyme





Vegetable Oil

Salt and Seasoning Cubes To Taste

Fish Or Meat (Optional).

Method Of Preparation

Step 1

Slice the carrot, onions, ginger, garlic and half of the tomatoes and set aside then get your blender and blend the fresh pepper and remaining tomatoes (you can use a food processor for this step).

Step 2

Pour the garri into a bowl and sprinkle some water on it then stir to combine and set aside.

Step 3

Place a clean pot on your gas or stove top and pour in some Vegetable oil.

Step 4

Leave the oil to heat up then add the sliced onions and fry for one minute.

Step 5

Add half of the spring Onions and stir to combine.

Step 6

Add half of the sliced carrot, ginger, garlic and tomatoes and stir to combine.

Step 7

Pour in the blended tomatoes and pepper mixture and stir then leave to fry for ten minutes and pour in the remaining carrot and spring Onions.

Step 8

Add Curry, Thyme, Seasoning Cubes and salt to taste and stir to combine then leave to cook for another five minutes.

Step 9

Pour in the garri and fry for two minutes then cover and cook on low heat for one minute.

Your delicious garri jollof is ready to enjoy, Serve and Enjoy with any drink of your choice.

So this is an easy way of making Garri Jollof, what do you think of this recipe? Please share your opinion below and feel free to share this article with others.

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