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How To Cook Delicious Ofe Akwu (Banga Soup)

A simple way of cooking Efere Atama.

There are different ways of cooking this soup but I'll be sharing this method with you.

Wash and boil your Palm fruit and then pound it and filter it into your cooking pot. Then add your meat, dry fish and kpomo inside together with your onion salt pepper and place it on.

Once your soup start boiling add your periwinkle and cover it then allow it to continue steaming then wash and add your dry atama leaf(slice, dry, then stored in a dry container)

You can either put it direct or watch it if it's a bitter atama leaf. Then filter off the water and add the leaf.

Then add your crayfish turn it and allow it to steam for abt 3mins then taste it and bring it down.

Sorry I don't add cubes in all my recipes rather I substitute it with enough crayfish. Thanks

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Banga Efere Atama Palm


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