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You Can Prepare This Nutritious And Medicinal SOUP With Just 500 Naira

As we all know that to eat Good, Delicious and healthy soup, you need to spend money (soup whay sweet naaa money kill am ) smile ....

But what of the situation that we dont have mush money for hand and we need to cook and eat ?

Let me share how I do manage my resources when I dont have mush money for hand and I need to cook soup and eba swallow, (Dont laugh me ooo, smile) because I love Eba. Smile...😋😀😀

Actually is draw soup am going to cook.

Let me list all the Ingredients that I need first ....



Ogbono (Irvingia Gabonensis)

● palm oil

● Locus beans (iru)(Dawa dawa)(Ogiri)

● Crayfish

● Ugu

● pepper

● maggi and salt

● Meat, Fish or Soya beans cake

Now let me show you how I spend my 500 Naira (#500)

Okro - #50

Ogbono - #200 (half cup)

Palm oil - #50

Locus beans - #20

Ugwu - #50

Crayfish - #50

Awara - #80

Actually I have other ingredients like maggi, salt and pepper at home .



▪︎WEIGHT LOSS :- If you are looking for way to loss weight please consider eating crayfish, because it contain low fat as well as traces of carbohydrates.

▪︎ IQ (BRAIN) DEVELOPMENT:- Constant eating of crayfish is very good for children, it help them developed there IQ (Brain), Even for adult it help to prevent the chance of Alzheimer's disease.

▪︎BEAUTIFUL AND HEALTHY SKIN :- Constant intake of crayfish help in making your body smooth and removing sports in your skin.

▪︎STRONG BONE :- Crayfish help you to develop your bone, because it has minerals like calcium and Magnesium, with this you will hardly get any bone disease.


▪︎ANTI DIABETIC:- Ogbono is good in reducing fasting blood glucose levels in obese beings.

▪︎ PREVENT CONSTIPATION :- Improved digestion

▪︎ Boost immune system


▪︎Okro is rich in Nutrients

▪︎Okro help in lower heart disease

▪︎To lower your blood sugar, consider eating okro

▪︎Okro also good for pregnant women


▪︎Palm oil help in reducing cholesterol level

▪︎palm oil is the best in improving skin and hair health

▪︎ palm oil also Boost brain (I.q) health

▪︎ palm oil slow the progression of heart disease


Locus beans is not just ordinary food spices but is also a therapeutic food.

▪︎locus beans help to promote good sight

▪︎Locus beans are high in lipid, protein, carbohydrates, fat and calcium

▪︎locus beans good in fighting stroke, hypertension, diabetes diseases.


▪︎Ugu leaf has the potential to Boost Fertility

▪︎ugu leaf increases blood volume and boost immune system

▪︎Ugu leaf has antibacterial Effects.


▪︎If you are vegetarians and vegans, soya beans cake is an important source of protein

▪︎soya beans cake help in reduce level of LDL "bad" cholesterol


First of all mix your Ogbono with small palm oil inside a plate and leave it , after this if you are using fresh pepper, blend it, (you can also use grand pepper) and also blend your crayfish separate too.

Now let get to work, put 2 cups of water inside the pot you want to use to cook it, turn your pepper inside and your locus beans it, put it on fire for some minutes.

Now turn your Ogbono inside it and turn it well soo that it won't have seed.

If you are going to use Soya Beans cake like me 😀(smile) Turn it inside too, but if you are using meat or fish you will cook it separate first before putting it inside the soup.

After this allow it to cook for like 5 minute, now turn your crayfish inside .

Reduce fire from your gas and turn your okro inside, make sure u turn it very well ( Reason why you reduce fire is for the draw soup not to cut hand,. And it can draw very well).

Now put your maggi, ( I love using knorr maggi sha😃) Put any maggi of your choice and put your salt too.

Apply your remaining palm oil, Ugu leaf will be the last Ingredients u will put. If u noticed is foaming, turn it with your spoon well. Once you put your Ugu leaf allow it to stay on fire like 3 minute, soo that the Ugu will not over done.

After this bring your soup down on fire and off your Gas. Soup is done 😃😃

You can use it to eat any swallow of your choice, like Semolina, Apku, Eba,Amala e.t c.

Please share your thoughts and opinions

Also share it on your other social media for the benefit of your friend .

There is room for questions and You can also Tell us how you do prepare your own Draw soup .

Let us learn together.

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