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3 Healthy Grains You Can Use To Make Pap Instead Of Maize

Pap popularly refered to as, akamu is one of the most common semi solid food in Nigeria. Pap is consumed all over Nigeria by both the old and young. Pap is one of the first semi solid food babies are fed with. Pap is very popular amongst babies, people who have teeth problem, and middle class people.

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The primary ingredient for making pap is grains and the most common grain used in making pap is maize. Many people especially, those in the southern part of Nigeria use maize as their primary ingredient for making pap. The pap made maize is usually yellowish.

There are many other types of healthy grains that can be used to make pap is place of maize. However, not everybody are aware that there are alternative grains for making pap that can be used to substitute maize. 

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Here Are Three (3) Other Healthy Grains That Can Be Used To Make Pap Instead Of Maize

1. Millet: millets is planted and harvested in the Northern part of Nigeria and the Hausas refer to it as, 'joro'. Millet is a very nutritious grain that is suitable for both babies and adults.

The process of making millet pap is similar to the process of making maize pap. All you have to do is to sock the millet in clean water for 2 days then grind it and sieve out the pap.

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2. Guinea Corn: guinea corn just like other grains is a multi purpose grain that can be used to, make a variety of foods and one of such foods happens to be pap. Guinea corn is highly nutritious and has a lot of health benefits which makes it suitable for everybody.

There are two types of guinea corn, red guinea corn and white guinea corn. Both the white and red guinea corn can be used in making pap. However, some people prefer using red guinea corn for making pap for their babies.

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3. Wheat: wheat is one of the most popular grains in Nigeria. Many people use grinded wheat to make 'fufu' which they use soup to eat. Whole wheat grain is usually recommended for people who have certain medical conditions.

However, what many people do not know is that, wheat can also be used as to make pap. Pap made from whole wheat is usually consumed by diabetic patients who have great love for pap.

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