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Does Soaking Beans In Water Make It Cook Faster Without Using More Gas? Here Are Things To Know

As the cost of cooking gas continues to soar, consumers have lamented the situation wondering how 12.5 kg of cooking gas which was sold at N4,000 in January rose to N8,750 in November.

Following this, Nigerians have been debating on how to cook beans without consuming much cooking gas, and one of the common responses given was that the beans should be soaked in water for few hours before cooking and.

But, does soaking beans in water makes it cook faster?

Yes! Soaking beans can save you about 45 minutes of cooking time. When you soak beans, it hydrates the starch inside and undergo hydrolysis - a process whereby water breaks the bond between the starch polymers. This speeds up the cooking process, reducing the amount of gas used in cooking.

Is there any effect of soaking beans before cooking?

There have been no reported side effects of soaked beans. In contrast, It has been said that soaked beans aids digestion and also prevent flatulence (farting).

Do you know any other way to cook beans faster without consuming much cooking gas?

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