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Learn step by step ways to make lemon cake at home



Flour -4cups

Yellow food coloring - to satisfaction

Vanilla flavor -1 and half caps

Lemon water - 3 teaspoons

Condensed milk - 1 full cap


Sugar - 1 and half cups

sismas (butter) -1

Baking powder - 2 teaspoons


1- Put your butter in a bowl, add sugar and mix to a creamy state i.e till when the sugar is all dissolved.

2. When you have that well creamy state add your vanilla flavor and mix,

3- Add your eggs one after the other while mixing don't add the eggs all at once. Mix well so that all the eggs incorporate with the butter and sugar mixture.

4- After adding your eggs now add your lemon water mix, add your coloring and mix. The yellow colour is to give your cake that lemon look.

5 - Lastly add your flour and mix, add it bit by bit to avoid lumps.

6- Pure it in you baking pan and bake for 45minute. And that's it, your lemon cake.


Always sieve your dry ingredients, not sieving may cause lumps in you cake. Secondly keep your baking pan ready before you start any baking process.

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