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6 Foods You Have To Avoid If You Dislike Pimples

Having pimples or acne(red pimples) is not every man and woman's dream but every man and woman's nightmare. Those who have never had pimples are considered lucky because they are free from the stress of having pimples.

They eat greasy foods, junk foods and so on.. but yet their skin are always smooth and acne-free, while people who get pimples, have to avoid so many foods. What's their secret!?

Some of them don't get pimples because of their genes, Some avoid pimples by reducing their intake of foods, especially sugary and oily foods. Here are six (6) foods you have to avoid;

1. Sugary Foods & Drinks

Sugary foods and drinks have high quantity of sugar, and that's why you should avoid them. Taking Sugary foods and drinks causes acne by making our blood sugar rise. Examples of Sugary foods and drinks are Salads, Cakes, Pastries, Donut, Yoghurt, Sports Drinks, Energy drink.

2. Chocolate

Eating Chocolate can cause Pimples, Although Researchers have not found out 'Why?'. It is proven it causes pimples and it may be because it's high quality in fat and sugar.

3. Dairy Products

Cheese, condensed milk, powdered milk, youghurt and Ice cream, cause pimples. Foods containing high quantity of milk cause pimples, because they increase our Blood Sugar.

4. Fast Food and Junk Food

You should definitely avoid them! Fast foods and Junk foods are high in calories, fat and refined sugar. If you know you are prone to have pimples, avoid them.

5. Fried Foods

I don't have to tell you twice about this one! It is proven Fried foods causes acne and pimples because they are high in fat, oil and calories. if you are prone to have acne, fat and oil is not your friend.

6. Butter

It's not possible to 'not eat butter', but you can reduce your intake. Many people like their bread with butter, so my advice is to watch the way you eat it, eating too much butter is not only dangerous to your skin but to your body.

Content created and supplied by: Damselamy (via Opera News )

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