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Is It Normal To Find Egg Inside Fried Chicken?- Twitter Users Reply The Man Who Asked

Social Media has been a major part of life as it connects us all with what's going on in the world. It's the last day of the month and we've already saw a lot this month. Here's another one.

A Twitter User tweeted about what he saw inside the fried chicken he bought. So what he found was an egg boiled in the fried chicken and he asked people is it normal to eat is.

There is actually nothing wrong about it and very funny for the guy, He added that he drank oil and has talked to His pastor about it. If you look at the chicken very well. You will found out that the chicken is not very meaty so it's obviously a layer fowl that was Killed and fried as chicken. Here are what Twitter Users said about it...

It's a very good thing to be on social media. We've been seeing a lot and God willing we will see more. What's your thoughts on finding egg inside fried chicken. Drop your comment and don't forget to click the follow button to enjoy more

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