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5 Healthy Nigerian Foods You Can Eat Instead Of Pizza Or Shawarma

Junk foods are one of Nigeria's most popular foods. Junk foods are consumed on a daily basis by both the young and the old. Junk foods are nutritionally deficient and. Junk foods, according to the Merriam Webster dictionary, are foods that are bad for your health because they contain a lot of sugar and fat.

I've noticed that in many places where junk food is sold, such as tertiary institutions, some nutritious and healthy foods are also sold at low prices. As a result, I decided to compile a list of 5 healthy foods that can be substituted for junk food.

Here are five (5) healthy foods that can be substituted for junk food.

1. Moi Moi: Because beans are the primary ingredient in moi moi, it is extremely healthy. Moi moi is also made with healthy ingredients like crayfish, and a wrap of moi moi costs 100 naira.

All Nigerian Recipe, Premium News Nigeria, YouTube, and the Guardian Nigeria contributed to this image.

2. Boiling Maize: We're in the middle of corn season, which means boiled maize is everywhere. Yellow maize has been shown to have a high protein content, making it ideal for persons who are attempting to reduce weight.

Maize is also high in fiber and other minerals. A boiled or roasted maize can be purchased for 50-70 naira.

3. Beans And Roasted Plantain: Rather than buying junk food, try beans and roasted plantain. You can even choose to only eat beans or plantains.

People selling beans and plantains also sell potato and yam, so if you don't like beans, yam or potato are options.

4. Okpa: Okpa is a popular dish in Nigeria's south-eastern region. Okpa vendors can be located in public spaces such as universities. Okpa is manufactured from a type of nut known as the bambara nut.

Nuts are extremely healthy, and okpa is considerably superior to junk food. A wrap of okpa can be purchased for 100 naira.

5. Zobo: When they are not at home, many people consume soft drinks. Many students, for example, consume soft drinks, often known as minerals. Too much mineral consumption is harmful to your health due to the excessive sugar and preservative content.

So, rather than a soft drink, try zobo. Despite the fact that zobo sellers add a lot of sugar to it, it is still preferable to soft drinks. Over 13 health benefits come with Zobo.

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