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How To Make Nigerian Pancakes In Few minutes

Making pancakes is easier than you think. In this article i will show you guys how to make pan cakes in few minutes.

First, we need the ingredients that will be used to make a nice pan cake.



Baking powder



Oil or butter


Pinch of salt

Fresh Pepper (optional)

Onions (optional)


1. Mix all the dried ingredients together (baking powder, flour, milk, sugar, pinch of salt, onions, fresh pepper) and add little water until it becomes a little bit watery.

2. Break the eggs gently into a plate and add it to the mixture and stir carefully.

3. Put frying pan on fire (gas cooker) and rub very little oil or little butter round the pan. (The gas cooker should not be too high)

4. Manually spread the oil all over the pan.

5. Allow the oil to get a little bit hot.

6. Add the mixture in a definite proportion using a big spoon.

7. Spread the mixture round the pan and allow to become puffed.

8. Gently turn it over using a spatula.

9. If done, remove neatly and put in a flat plate.

10. Fry another proportion of the mixture till you're true.

11. Enjoy your pancakes and eat while hot.

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Nigerian Pancakes


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