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Apart from groundnut oil, checkout 15 other types of cookin oil you can use to make a delicious meal

Groundnut oil is the most popular cooking oil in this part of the world, it is readily available, affordable and have different types which people enjoy using.

The reasons mentioned above is why individuals are so focused on groundnut oil that they do not enjoy the usage and benefits of other types of cooking oil.

Yes, other types of cooking oil exist that isn't groundnut oil and I am not talking of palm oil. Most of the cooking oil I'll be listing are named according to their main ingredient. Checkout the list below:

1. Edible Olive oil

2. Sunflower oil

3. Flaxcid oil

4. Canola oil

5. Soya oil

6. Rapeseed oil

7. Coconut oil

8. Sesame oil

9. Avocado oil

10. Peanut oil

11. Mustard oil

12. Safflower oil

13. Cotton seed oil

14. Colza oil

15. Grapeseed oil

The general name for these listed cooking oil is vegetable oil because they are extracted from plants seeds or fruits i.e they are plant derivatives.

Majority of them are more healthy than groundnut oil and some like the canola oil is more popular around the world. Spice up your dishes and give it a different delicious taste by using any of these listed oil other than groundnut oil all the time.

Note: there are also various animal oil like the pork oil, goat oil, duck oil, lard oil e.t.c which I didn't mention because these vegetable oil are more healthy.

These cooking oil are a perfect substitute for groundnut oil and can be used to prepare any meal that requires oil.

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Canola Soya


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