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3 Things You Shouldn't Do When Cooking With Leafy Vegetables

Leafy vegetables are among the most nutritious classes of foods on earth. They offer a wide variety of nutrients including iron and antioxidants. This among others is usually why it's regular consumption is advised always especially in the world like the present where toxins come in contact with us in the ways we least expect. 

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However, there have been some practices people employ when cooking with these vegetables and it usually lead them into not getting the full nutrients they are meant to get from them and here are 3 of them.

1.Cutting before washing

A lot of people have formed the habit of cutting the leaves they wish to cook with before having it washed. When you indulge into this practice, you are very likely to look a reasonable proportion of these nutrients to the water you wash it with. It is often apparent in the washing water as it quickly turns green as soon as chopped leaves are immersed in it. In order to avoid this condition, simply wash the leaves and after then you can then cut.

2.Cooking for prolonged durations

Vegetables are liable to have their nutrients evade them through evaporation and or vaporization. This occurs when we allow them to get heated for a long period of time. When we allow our vegetables cook for a prolonged duration, we stand a chance of getting some of the nutrients lost to the atmosphere. Therefore, when cooking with vegetables, let's make them the last thing to enter the pot and also, let's not have them boil for a long time before bringing down.


Microwave has been proved to be a very wrong approach to heating vegetables for someone who wants to preserve the nutrients in it. This is because of the enormous heating effect that microwave ovens emit. Other sources of heat are more advisable than microwave.

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