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Guinness World Record Breaker: Fastest Noodles Eaten

Kudos to Jeremy Lanig who hails from USA, a food ethusaist is an English Language teacher who resides in Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan, is a lover of udon noodles.

He currently broke a record by going head to head with an insanely big bowl of udon noodles equivalent to 10 normal bowl. Jeremy managed to achieve the record title of most udon noodles eaten in three minutes.

He did this attempt to celebrate his 40th birthday. He wanted to promote the Sanuki udon culture, as this kind of noodle are challenging to eat in a hurry as they are known for their thickness and chewy.

Jeremy lived in Japan for over 13 years, as he had lots of practice eating Sanuki udon noodles, this noodles are made with flour, salt, water, and served in a dashi broth.  

Jeremy joins a big Guinness World Records community of speed eaters, as this is Jeremy’s first Guinness World Records title. As he wishes to compete to earn more titles

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