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12 Nigerian Food Business that will Make you Rich

Preparing Nigerian Foods ( Delicacies) for sale can make You rich. Food Business is one lucrative and Profitable venture one can invest into due to People must eat either outdoor or indoor. This Business also not require much capital to start with to Prepare these foods and sell to the Market. These Foods include Meals and Snacks. Here are List of the 10 Nigerian Foods that you can venture into and will make you Rich.

1) Baking Nigerian Meat Pie

Meat Pie is one snacks that when you Prepare for Sale almost everybody will love to eat. Because it is very delicious and nutritious due to the meaty sauce added to it. It is one Snacks that when you venture into it it has high gain. It is made from flour. All you need is to have an oven to bake it. This Nigerian Food is good to look into when you want to become rich considering Food business in Nigeria.

2) Cake Making Business

We all know that making Cake either in a dense or moist form is another Food business that you can make money from but the design is where the money is. If you can learn how to make cake in a unique way then the market is really waiting for you. Once you make the best cakes in Nigeria, the market itself will find you because your work will speak for itself.

3) Preparing Nigerian Moin-moin

Moin-moin is one food that is very nutritious. It is made from blended beans. It is a one major food among the Yorubas, as you all know this food can be taken with other foods like pap, bread rice etc. Preparing Moin-moin for sale brings in good profit and is a very fast food that has the market already, so going into the business you already have the market waiting for you. Note you can make Moin-moin brand unique by adding boiled eggs or Dry Stock Fish.

4. Making Nigerian Chin Chin

Chin chin is a common snacks seen everywhere and eaten by almost everybody both the rich and poor. Chin chin business is a lucrative and profitable one you can start. There are so many brand of chin chin variety in the market, but you can decide to make your brand unique by adding some ingredients that make it unique like milk and butter. Packaging also matters in chin chin business. So make your chin chin taste good and the business itself will attract the customers. Chin chin can be market anywhere in places like super market, retail shops, schools, churches etc. Making Nigerian Chin chin is one Food Business that will make you rich.

5) Nigerian Soup Service Business

Preparing Different Varieties of Nigerian Soups can make you rich. If you are an expert in Preparing different ethnic Nigerian Soups ranging from Efo Riro (Spinach Vegetable)for the Yorubas, Afam Soup( Periwinkle) for the Akwa Iboms and so many more the market is also waiting for you. Some women don't know how to prepare these soups so they need someone who can prepare these soups for them and are ready to pay for the service you rendered to them depending on the amount you bill them. Also you can called upon during ceremonies to prepare these soups thereby putting more money in your pocket.

6) Preparing Nigerian Suya

Suya as the Hausa's normally called it is a roasted peppery meat which is always delicious and loved to be eaten by almost everybody. Suya is a good food to prepare for sale and very easy easy to prepare. It goes with raw onions, raw tomatoes and a peppery sauce. Nigerian Suya Business is one Food business to look into that will make you rich.

7) Preparing Nigerian Assorted Meat Pepper Soup

Preparing Nigerian Assorted Meat Pepper soup can make you rich. This food is commonly loved by the Igbo's in Nigeria. Its one food that when you start preparing everybody loves to eat because of the different variety of meat contained in it. It can be eaten in Restaurants, Ceremonies etc. This food is one food that can put money into your pocket if you venture into preparing it

8) Preparing Nigerian Small Chops

Small Chops Serve as appetizers before meals. Making Nigerian small chops is another way of making money. If you are good at making small chops you can start business from it and make huge profit it.

9) Preparing Nigerian Okpa

Okpa Wawa as the Igbos will call it is a common food among the Igbo's. I believe the Igbo brethren will know what am talking about. Okpa is made from Bambara nut and its very delicious. It takes the resemblance of the Nigerian Moin-moin loved by the Yorubas. This food is one good food that will make you rich if ventured into.

10. Preparing Nigerian Jollof Rice and Fried Rice

Preparing Nigerian Jollof Rice and Fried Rice supported by Salad is one way of making good money for yourself. You can prepare this foods for eateries, restaurants and you can decide to sell on your own and if it taste very good the customers will keep coming even without calling for them.

11. Frying Nigerian Plantain Chips

plantain Chips is one snacks people love to eat. This chips is very easy to prepare with Plantain as the major raw material. This business is very easy to set up, even with 10,000 you can start Plantain Chips business right from the comfort of your home. You can follow up my article on Business you can start at home with N10,000 ( Potato Chips Production) to see the Pictures of the equipments you need to start Plantain Chips Business. Taste and Packaging is key in Plantain chips business. These Nigerian Food (Plantain Chip) is highly lucrative and Profitable when ventured into.

12. Frying Nigerian Potato Chips

Finally Potato Chips just like Plantain Chips are very good food business that can make you rich. In this business you can make money. Potato chips are always very sweet due to the raw material used in the preparation( potatoes) which is sweet naturally. Your Packaging and Taste too also matters when it comes to Potato chips production. Follow up my article on Business you can start at home with N10,000 ( Potato Chips) and see for yourself every details you need to know about Potato Chips.

Are you thinking of a Food Business you can start or invest into. These 12 Nigerian Food Business will serve as an eye opener to you. Also follow up my article on Start Yoghurt Drink Production Business and Smile to the Bank.

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