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2 Mistakes People Make When Cooking With 'Ugu'

Ugu is the local name for a cooking leaf known as fluted pumpkin. These leaves, just like other green leafy vegetables are known to harbour several minerals like iron, calcium etc. Vitamins of several kinds are also found in them.

Source: Hintnaija

When cooking with the leaves of fluted pumpkin, it is important to follow the necessary steps so as to have their nutrients intact while you consume them, otherwise you can loose them as they are quite vulnerable.

2 mistakes that can have you loose these nutrients include -

1. Cutting before washing

These vegetables, being big leaves are often sliced so as to promote convenience during consumption. 

One mistake a lot of people make is to first slice these leaves before washing them. This method often sees most of the nutrients in them washed away with the washing water. 

The washing water most times would testify to this as the colour quickly changes green. You want the complete nutrients in the food you eat and not the one remaining after a massive quantity of it was washed away.

Therefore, always wash before you cut so that after cutting, you pour them directly into your food.

2. Overcooking

Another mistake that can have you not benefit fully from the nutrients is, cooking these leaves for a long time. Vitamins are vulnerable to heat and when exposed to substantial amounts of heat for a long time are bound to evaporate.

Tips to apply when cooking with the leaves of fluted pumpkin include so as to conserve nutrients include

- Always make it the last thing you add to your pot so it doesn't have any reason to spend loads of time on fire.

- After you have added them, the next thing should be turning off heat and after you've turned the heat off, don't be in a haste to close the pot. Leave it open for a while, else the heat from the food will still overcook the vegetables if you close it immediately.

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