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If You Want To Live Long, Please Stop Cooking Beans Without Doing This First.

The majority of people all over the world make the mistake of consuming beans without following the proper procedures, which can lead to death or disease. Beans are a very important and common food in Africa, and most Africans enjoy eating them on a regular basis, if not daily. Beans are high in nutrients such as calcium, iron, protein, and others that are essential for the human body's proper functioning.

However, this is something that the majority of people are unaware of. Eating beans without following the proper procedures or steps can be extremely dangerous to their health. Please do not cook beans without first performing the following steps if you value your health and longevity.

1. Pre boiling it. 

2. After pre-boiling, the water is filtered out.

3. After you have removed the old pre-boiled water from the pot, fill it with fresh water.

4. Seasoning the beans with a fair amount of salt.

5. Cooking it with a variety of nutritious vegetables.

The reality is that if you don't pre-boil your beans before frying them, you could be putting yourself at risk of disease or death due to the presence of bacteria and other dangerous substances in them. Please keep this information in mind and pass it on to others. Thank you so much.

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