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Check Out These 2 Methods Of Serving Rice And Stew And Decide Which Of Them Is Better?

Cooking good and delicious meals is not all there is when it comes to making a food enticing, a host of other factors need to be put in place, one of these other factors is the serving/presentation of the cooked food.

Serving food is a very delicate aspect of cooking, though it can't be termed cooking but it is close to it, after cooking a really tasty and good looking meal, you need not spoil it with bad presentation/serving.

Rice and stew is the food to be talked about today and you'll be seeing just two methods of serving the food, you're charged with the task of kindly making a choice on which of the serving methods is better, feel free to state your reasons.

The first method is by putting the rice and the stew on two different plates so that the stew doesn't stain the rice until it is about to be eaten, you may not understand but the pictures below will give you an insight into what I'm talking about, this method looks professional and to me, it is better, I don't know if you're with me on this.

When you serve food in this manner it has its advantages, one of which is the fact that if the food is not touched by the guest who is served then you have not much issue with wastage, you can simply put it back in a cooler or serve it to someone else.

The second method here is the one where you serve the rice and stew on the same plate, in this case, the stew is put on the rice and it actually stains the rice, this method was used by my mother when I was way younger, it was what I grew up with and I'm really used to it.

This method also has its advantages and it all depends on you, do you prefer to be served with this method? This second method allows you to eat from just one plate, a lot of people who are used to eating from just one plate might see this method as a better choice.

Now that you've seen the two methods which I talked about, which of them do you think is better?

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