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Photos Emerge Of White People Buying Premium Motor Spirit in Polythene Bags And Gallons.

It is not common place to find people of the western world engage in appropriate economic actions, that are similar to the ones you find in countries like Nigeria.

This is basically because those climes have a consistently working system that most times should not leave their citizens in a situation whereby they begin to compromise their reasonable standards of living.

However, this has not been the case with a few people in the west who have had to buy premium motor spirit (PMS) in jerry cans and polythene bags, something that suggests a dire need to hoard the product.

It could be in preparation of dooms day, a period suggested by historians and archeologist as one characterized by uncertainty. Well, whatever the case is, Nigerians engage in buying PMS in gallons but never in polythene bags and one can't be sure whether Nigerians would do so in future, no matter what the case is.

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