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How To Make Nigerian Fish Roll By Frying

Fish roll is a very popular and delicious snack in Nigeria. It consists of a fish mixture wrapped in flour. Here are the ingredients and procedures in making this delicious snack.


Canned mackerel or tuna (you can use any fish that works best for you but I prefer these ones).

2½ cups of flour




Baking powder

4tbs butter


1 egg

1 seasoning cube


Making the fish

Add onions, pepper and seasoning cubes to your fish and mash with a fork.

After washing, add your egg to the mixture and mix.

Making the dough

In a bowl, add flour, sugar, butter, baking powder, salt and sugar to taste and mix with your hands. 

Add a little water and mix with your hands, continue adding water little by little to avoid adding excess water to your dough. Add water until your mixture is now moldable.

Take your dough and place on any flat surface and knead with your hands then cover and leave for about five minutes.

After five minutes, place the dough on a flat surface and roll until you get your desired thickness

Making the fish roll

Divide the flattened dough into the sizes you want.

Take one of the divided dough, add your fish and roll inside and keep, make sure that the fish is totally covered with the dough. Do this for all the divided dough.

Set your stove to medium heat, heat the vegetable oil on fire for some time then add your fish roll to the oil. When the under is golden brown, turn over and let the other side get golden brown too. When both sides turn golden brown, use a tong to remove from the oil.

Your fish roll is now ready 👌, enjoy!

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