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Stop Drinking Cold Water After Eating Rice And Stew, This Is What It Does To The Body

There is nobody in this world that have never tasted rice and stew. It is a very popular delicacy cooked by our mothers on a daily basis especially on Sundays. It is rich in carbohydrates and oil and has the essential minerals needed for the body.

In This Article, I would tell the drink that is not good for the body after eating rice and stew or any other oily diets.

We all know cold water to be very refreshing in taste. Coldwater is liquid which is in the process of solidification either by a fridge or weather. Coldwater is mostly drunk by people especially in Nigeria because of its refreshing taste in the mouth.

Many health practitioners would tell you that "Sweet things do kill compare to bitter things". Coldwater is not good to be drunk after eating rice and stew or any other diet that contains diet because it does more damage than good to the body.

Coldwater makes the veins of the human body very weak which makes it harder for the circulation of blood from the leg to the heart. The body does not make use of cold water instead it makes use of warm water.

The body normally makes use of warm water for its metabolism and blood circulation, it takes the body extra time and energy to convert the cold water to warm water for its usage.

Remember whenever the body is always stressed such as constantly drinking cold water, it decreases the number of times in your lifetime. Always drink warm water instead of cold water. Many health experts would tell you "Prevention is better than cure".

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