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5 Trending Cooking Spices You Need To Taste This Weekend (See Names)

Welcome to another great article of mine. Today, I shall be writing on 5 trending cooking spices you need to taste this weekend.

Before I start, let me explain what spices are. It is worthy of note that spices are aromatic and pungent vegetable substances used to flavor or colour food. Spices are different from herbs.

NB: a spice usually have flaky texture. Adding spices to your food is a good idea because, spices don't just make your food taste good, it also makes your body healthy.

In the world today, many homes make use of spaces as a result of the good taste and color it gives to food. The aroma of a food cooked with spices are second to non.

However, many don't not make use of spices while cooking. These category of people complain that they are not usually comfortable with the scent it gives out. Here, we should understand that, as faces of people differs, so do their likes and dislikes differs. That is the reason for the popular saying, "one man's food is another man's poison.

Below are the 5 trending cooking spices you need to taste this weekend 👇

Note that there are different kinds of spices. We have spices for jellof rice, stew, pepper soup, soup, etc. The ones here are for jellof rice, they are:

1. Nutmeg

2. Onga Chicken

3. Benny

4. Kitchen glory

5. Nevena

All these spices above, are good for cooking. It is sold in many shops in the market.

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