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Here Is How I Made 70 Pieces Of Medium Sized Nigerian "Puff-Puff" With 1,500Naira Only

As we all know, puff puff is a staple snack enjoyed by both young and old. It is very easy and cheap to prepare. It is a business that can be done without much stress and capital. In fact, if well prepared, you will not go through any stress finding buyers. Buyers will locate you. 

I want to also add that it is a very lucrative business. Here's bow much balls I made with just a little money. Translate the balls to cash and you will understand with me that this is a good business to venture it.


Flour 4 cups (200naira)

Sugar       (50naira)

Yeast       (50naira)

Milk        (100naira)

Vegetable oil (1000naira)

Pinch of salt

Nutmeg     (50naira)


Get a dry bowl, put the flour.

Measure 1 teaspoonful of yeast. Add to the bowl of flour.

Measure one-third cup of sugar, add to the bowl.

Measure 2 teaspoonful of milk and add to the bowl also.

Add the pinch of salt and nutmeg.

Mix all together.

Heat one and a half cups of water. Do not let it boil. Once it's warm, bring down.

Gradually add the warm water to the bowl as you mix. It should neither be thick nor watery. 

To know that you have got the right dough, it is going to feel so light and smooth to the touch, but not watery.

Get a polythene bag. Cover the bowl and keep in a dark place for 45minutes.

After 45minutes, the dough should have tripled in quantity.

Put the oil in a pot or deep frying pan.

Let the oil cover two-third of the pot or frying pan. Reason is to allow the dough to float and cook properly. 

Drop a tiny dough into the oil and if it floats, the oil is ready.

Cut to your desired size and fry.

When it is light brown, scoop out and your puff puff is ready.

Do not fry on a high heat as this would prevent the puff from cooking inside. At the same time, do not fry on a very low heat to avoid the puff from soaking oil.

You can make some chili sauce to go with the hot puff puff. It is best enjoyed hot.

Content created and supplied by: Chaizoba (via Opera News )



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