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6 delicious snacks that are healthy for consumption

Snacks are normally eaten in-between meals or as main food in some cases. Many people like to eat snacks, but it is advisable to eat healthy and delicious snacks. This article will remind you some delicious snacks that are healthy for consumption.

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1. Water yam fritters 

These are gotten from water yam. They are fried water yam balls which can be eaten as snacks or combined with other foods as main meal.

2. Cocoyam chips

Cocoyam chips are made with cocoyam, they are delicious and easy to make. Cocoyam are embedded with essential vitamins and minerals needed by the body.

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3. Kuli kuli

This is normally produced with groundnuts. During the preparation process, the excess oil will be extracted from the groundnut which may make it more healthy.

4. Plantain chips

This is one of the most eaten snacks we have around. The fiber rich plantain is good for the body.

5. Roasted plantain 

Roasted plantain can be eaten as snack or main meal as it is satisfying. Many people like to eat it especially in the afternoon. 

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6. Maize

This can be boiled or roasted depending on individual choice. It is a wholegrain with high fiber content which can easily fill the stomach.

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