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Spice Up Your Weekend With These Mouthwatering And Simple African Dishes

Mothers, another weekend is here, and I'm sure you'd like to impress your family and friends with a very delicious and mouth watering meal. Some meals here are easy to prepare, while some are not very easy to prepare. 

I'll give you guidelines on how to prepare only good meals for your family;

1. Buy only delicious and Mouthwatering food stuffs; if your food stuffs are not delicious and attractive, your food won't be delicious and tasty.

2. Follow the steps on how to prepare the meal carefully; If you want your meal to be very tasty, you'll have to follow the guidelines and steps involved in preparing such a meal. 

3. Prepare a well detailed cooking timetable that will help you in choosing a very good and delicious meal to cook.

Every family deserve a balanced diet from time to time because your body won't be nourished if you don't take good meals. As a mother, you need to supply good food to your neighbors too.

Importance of eating good meals regularly;

1. Proper growth; Good foods will make you grow properly, and you will also add weight too.

2. Mental health; You won't think properly if you don't eat good food, your mental alertness depends on the nutritional value of the food you eat. 

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