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How To Make Nigerian Egg Roll

Egg roll are a variety of deep fried appetizers commonly served in Nigeria. Its an oval shaped edible substance wrapped wheat flour skin, which is fried in hot oil. Although, all egg rolls are not the same cos some countries have their own variety and different ways in preparing it. The ways its prepared in China is different from Nigeria's own. 

In Nigeria, we prepare our version of egg roll just as the name implies. It is boiled egg wrapped in mass of dough and deep fried. 

Here's the procedure on how to make a Nigerian kind of egg roll. 

Firstly, you should endeavor to get all the required ingredients ready. So, that you wouldn't be looking for one item or the other. You should check the ingredients you have and the ones you don't have, but may be needful. Then, as for the measurement of the ingredients. It depends on how many quantity you want. The measurement quantity presented here is just for family size. 

Required Ingredients:

1. Eggs (boiled eggs which you would placed inside the egg roll and unboiled eggs that will be used in the preparation). 

2. Sugar (two teaspoon).

3. Salt for taste, probably a pinch will do.

4. Baking powder (2 teaspoons).

5. Butter or Margarine (three and half spoon). 

6. Flour (four cups).

7. Water (half litre).

8. Nutmegs. 


1. Mix the flour, butter,sugar, nutmegs, salt, unboiled eggs and baking powder together in a very large bowl. Add water to it and rub very well. Work the dough for some minutes and then cover and let it rise for about 15 to 20 minutes. Work on the dough again for about a minute or two. So that it can be ready to be use with the eggs.

2. Get your boiled eggs ready by removing the shell. 

3. Roll the mixture round the boiled egg and let the mixture cover the egg.

4. Lit the fire and heat your vegetable oil.

5. You should now then, fry's it till it changes color to something brownish. You should endeavor to use to use enough oil to deep fry in other to get the best result. 

Hope you learn something from this article? Kindly, share your thoughts with us. Thanks.

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