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Are you pregnant? See reactions this lady got for posting this meal online.

Food is any substance consumed into the body to sustain life and provide nutritional support to an organism. Food can be combined in different ways and also eaten in different ways.

Food combination as we all know can either provide great health benefits to us or cause harm to the system as such we should avoid so as to be healthy. Your health matters alot especially when taking in food into your body

Now people have taken it online to post the kind of meal they prepare at home, some with the interest to teach others online about the meal they made.

This lady took online to let people know of the kind of meal she prepared, it happened to be a food combination of;


Boiled Corn and


Rare combination, to me it's strange.

It strange to me how people combine meal and enjoy it greatly without knowing if it will cause problem to their systems or not. See the reactions she got.

Remember that anything you eat will either affect your system badly or help you greatly. So watch what you combine when eating so you won't have problems with your system.

What are your views on this food combination?

Drop your comments.

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Periwinkle Spaghetti Boiled Corn


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