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Do This And Any Food You Cook Will Never Get Burnt

Cooking a delicious and perfect meal is every Cooks dream. By cook, I mean anybody who is in charge of the kitchen for the day lol.

We usually detest anything that will make our food come out bad and we try as much as possible to give the cooking our best effort.

But even at that, some of our meals still misbehave and come out the way we don't like. Sometimes the fault is from us, other times it's from other factors.

The fault coming from us(the cook) is usually as a result of our ignorance and this can be averted by improving your knowledge in cooking.

A major problem we have that makes our food turn out bad is burning. You see a burnt food can ruin all your hours of hardwork in that kitchen. It can change the taste of the food, change the smell and even make the food a health danger(cancerous) when consumed.

But what can be done?

There are two important things to note in relation to cooking your meal. These things are:

1. The heat used

2. Timing of the meal(especially time to put the ingredients)

Burning can be averted when you take note of the two points I gave above and apply them to your cooking.

Let's talk on burning and how to prevent it using these points

1. Heat Used

We all know that heat is very important in cooking. Without heat there will be no food. But the quantity of heat used needs to be regulated so as to bring out a nice meal

Foods like yam porridge, beans, potato porridge should be cooked with high heat at first and later medium to low heat to prevent burning, you also do same for jollof rice

Vegetables should be cooked under low heat all through to maintain it's nutrients

Raw corn should be cooked under high heat, so it can get done fast e.t.c

I could go on and on mentioning foods and the nature of heat required to cook them but I won't bore you with that. The gist is you need to regulate the heat you use in cooking so as to prevent burning

2. Timing

Timing when used in cooking has a broad meaning. It could mean the time you put the ingredients, the time you leave the ingredients, the time you increase the heat, the time you reduce the heat e.t.c

Timing should also be given importance when cooking to avoid burning. You should know when to reduce the heat and increase it,know when to put some Ingridrients and when not to. For example, in cooking jollof rice with crayfish, do not fry the crayfish, it will make the rice burn, put the crayfish after you have put the rice.

Another example is whenever you fry your stew for jollof rice, the best time to put it in the main pot you will use to cook the rice is when the stock or seasoned water has boiled, this also prevents burning.

These two are just a few examples, you can give us more in the comment section below, thank you in advance.

If you want to avoid the problem of burning your food, cook with this two things I mind.

Other causes of burning you can avoid include:

1. Lack Of Attention

You are cooking and gisting or pressing your phone, this will definitely burn your food if not careful

2. Forgetfulness

You put your food on the fire and forget because of one reason or the other

3. Tiredness

You had a very hectic day, you put your food on the fire and doze off for a while. This one is really dangerous 'Sha' God help us that are guilty

Some Solutions to these things are:

1. When you are too tired do not cook, buy a snack, eat and rest. Get your energy back before you put on your stove for your safety and for a perfect meal

2. Pay attention to your cooking. Drop phones and avoid anything that will take you away from the kitchen, except it is important (like children crying) and in that aspect reduce the heat and attend to them

3. If you are the forgetful type, always announce to people in the house that you put something on the fire. If you live alone, have a book and a pen that you carry arround and look at it frequently as a reminder.

These are just a few, if you have more solutions to the things that causes burning you can kindly tell us in the comment section.

Use these tips and any food you cook will never get burnt. Your meal will be perfect

Thanks for reading. Do well to like.


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