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Weekend Recipe: Simple Steps To Make A Delicious And Healthy Tasty Fiesta At Home.

1. Irish potato

2. Egg

3. Green peas

4. Carrot

5. Green pepper

6. Fresh tomato

7. Onions

8. Milk

9. Seasoning

10. Salt

11. Butter

12. Diced beef

13. Dry and ground pepper

14. Sausage

15. Sugar

16. Flour

17. Chicken/beef

Boil the potatoes for 7 to 10 minutes after peeling them.

Slice your veggies, then set them aside. You may boil veggies in the same pot as the potatoes if you choose.

In order to improve the flavor, dress and simmer the vegetables. Chicken and beef should be deboned and diced.

In a mixing dish, add milk and your beaten egg. Seasoning, melted butter, and salt are added to the egg and milk mixture. Once you get a creamy but not thick texture, add the flour little by little while mixing.

Add diced beef or chicken. Potatoes should be dried out and diced into tiny pieces.

Place the chopped veggies and diced potatoes in a mixing dish, and thoroughly combine them.

Your baking pan should be lined with foil paper and greased with butter or oil. Place in the oven after adding your potato mixture.

After around 30-45 minutes, take it out and let it cool before serving.

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