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Prepare this Delicious Bitterleaf Soup this Weekend

Bitterleaf is highly nutritional to the body and also known for its medicinal value.

For soup making, you need the following ingredients to be able to prepare your bitterleaf soup delicacy:

A well washed bitterleaf

A milk cup of palmoil

Two cups of crayfish

Dry fish





Chicken or beef


Yellow pepper

Knor or Maggie sauce

Salt to taste.


< Wash the bitterleaf well and set aside

< Boil and blend your cocoyam and set it aside too

< Perboil your chicken or beef with onion, salt and Maggie sauce together with the stockfish, kpomo and allow to cook for twenty minutes.

Mix the cocoyam with the palmoil and pour into the boiling meat as well as pepper and stir well for proper mixture and allow for five minutes.

Finally, add the bitterleaf and cover the pot tightly. After five minutes open the pot and stir, taste and bring down and serve.

The quantity of water is determined by quality of the ingredients.

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Content created and supplied by: LettyAboh (via Opera News )

Bitterleaf Delicious Kpomo Maggie


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