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How to use 5minutes to prepare beans.

Hello guys, my name is Edikan Joseph. I'm writing this article to tell you give easy steps which you can prepare a delicious beans meal in give minutes.

I call this method the 'fivefive' (5-5) method because it uses just five steps in five minutes.

Now to the mean reason you clicked on this article. They are many ways people prefer to prepare beans. Some will fry it while some will cook it. The most popular are this two. But I'll tell you other ways which took can prepare your delicious beans meal.

Soak it

The first method is to soak it in water for 30 seconds. This is to remove any further chaff in the beans.

Add salt

The second step is to add a quanta like salt to the beans. This is because you have now poured it into the pot.

I always tell people that you get the best out of your beans, cook it using firewood. It's the best.

Set up your fire wood stand

With the pot ready and the beans in it, the fire wood stand won't take more than 1mins.

Put your beans on fire

We all know that you need to add water to it as it's on fire(the water should be balanced). during his time in the time frame of 2minutes, you can add your oil, crayfish, pepper, and seasonings.

Stir with experience

Beans is not so simple. I hear say as simple as beans but can they prove that in the kitchen? Now it's the time to stir the beans. Stir it with the consciousness that the ingredients has to mix randomly. This procedure will take just 30 seconds.

With the methods above your delicious beans is ready to be served. Allow it for the remaining 1minutes and it will boil to taste.

Thank you for reading this article. Please don't forget to share.

Content created and supplied by: AJhee (via Opera News )

Edikan Joseph


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