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Shawa Fish Or Titus Fish, Which Do You Prefer?

Titus fish is a very well-liked fish among almost all the ethnic tribe in Nigeria. It is also known as Mackerel Fish, it is dark and wavy design and moist to taste, put in a class of its own. It is a very good source of lean protein, and is extremely rich in nutrients and Omega 3; an essential fat. Some people prefer to eat it boiled and some can only eat it when fried or roasted.

Shawa Fish on the other hand is also known as Herrings. It is also an excellent source of protein, phosphorous and vitamins A & D.

Some people prefer Titus fish to Shawa fish because they believe that Titus has less bones than the Shawa fish, while some actually prefer Shawa fish. So let us know which of them you prefer and why.

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