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How To Make A Simple Delicious Fried Rice

Fried rice is a wonderful and delicious delicacy that can be eaten at home and also served in various occasions....Fried rice is very simple to make if you have the ingredients which also add a special taste and aroma to your meal...However to make a simple homemade Fried rice, you need: 

1. 4 cups of rice

2. Chicken stock

3. Maggi

4. Salt

5. Green peas

6. Curry

7. Green pepper

8. Chicken 

9. Carrots

10. Onions/pepper

11. Yellow canned corn.

12. Liver

13. Groundnut Oil


a) Wash your rice properly and parboil a little

b) put the clean rice in a pot, add your chicken stock, salt and Curry. Then allow to cook for some minutes until it is soft but not overdone.

c). Set another pot and add ur groundnut oil, then add the liver and allow to fry for some Mins..Add your Maggi and a little bit of Curry to it and continue stirring with a scapula.

d) Add your green peas, pepper, onions and salt to taste and continue frying 

e) Then add your carrot and corn..

f) After that, add the rice at intervals to the boiled rice already and turn properly until everything has blended together and this should be done on a low heat.

g) .Mix properly and serve with your fried chicken or drink...

Note...You can also shred your chicken flesh to the meal for more results and unique taste

 Your delicious fried rice is ready .....Enjoy.

Content created and supplied by: JaneOshobeha (via Opera News )

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