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4 Types of Assorted Meat that can be Prepared during Christmas in Nigeria

Nigerians are known to be one of the most religious people in the world, and this means Christmas in Nigeria is usually a big deal. Christmas in Nigeria and worldwide comes with alot of food and drinks and festivities.

Foods could range from local cuisine to international cuisine. Nigerians are also known to be huge consumers of assorted meat and Here are some assorted meat that can be eaten during Christmas in Nigeria...

1. Chicken

Chicken is popular in Nigeria and is arguably the most consumed meat during Christmas down here. It can be bought live or already frozen.

2. Turkey

For people who prefer soft meat or just like Turkey, this is a better alternative to chicken. It tastes just as good.

3. Snails

Snails could be peppered and served as a side dish, this is a great alternative to the usual Assorted meat.

4. Pork

Pork is the meat gotten from pigs and is known to be very delicious. This can be a perfect side dish and alternative to the usual chicken and turkey.

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