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"Did You Taste It To Know It's Trash" - Lady Asks As Man Shares Noodles His Babe Cooked For Him

Noodle is one of the easiest meals to prepare but it requires one to be careful enough with the ingredients, and it's preparation as any little mistake that's done can result to the whole process, going the other way round.

A man took to Twitter to show the noodle his presumed babe prepared for him as he captioned it, "see what this girl made for me"

From the look of things, the meal didn't look like it was well made especially with the amount of water in it, of which many can attest that noodles shouldn't be that way. But women are generally known to defend each other, same way men too. Aside that, there are meals that despite the ugly look, they still taste better.

This led to a lady saying that it may not really be trash after another man called it trash, despite the looks of the noodles. She however gave the lady that prepared the noodles some benefits of doubt.

See other reactions below:

Part of the two ways to a man's heart is good food. Moreso, there are meals that everyone is expected to know how to prepare no matter how nonchalant you may be to it. Noodle is part of it and should you not know how to, learn it.

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