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How to make the perfect Naija jollof

Naija jollof is very popular around the world.The whites always talk about this sumptuous meal,but not everyone knows how to make the perfect naija jollof


4cups parboiled rice

2-3 cups tomato stew

Chicken(whole, chicken breast or drum sticks)

Pepper and salt


3 Knorr cubes

1teaspoon of thyme and curry

Make your tomato stew,it's good to always have that before hand and keep in the refrigerator

Wash your chicken and season with Knorr cubes,salt, onion,curry and thyme.The cooking time depends on the type of chicken.The rooster or cockerel cooks faster than the hen but the hen is definitely tastier.When done,grill in an oven or fry.

Pour the chicken stock and tomato stew in a cooking pot and leave to boil.pour in your parboiled rice.pour in your salt,curry, seasoning cubes and pepper to taste.The water level should be of the same level of the rice. This is to ensure that all the water dries up by the time the rice is cooked.

Cover and allow to cook for low to medium heat.This way the rice does not burn Before the water dries up

Bon appetit

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Chicken( Knorr Naija


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